Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong
A regular practice of Kundalini Yoga can have the ability to reduce stress, eliminate drama, and may help bring clarity and insight into your daily focus.

This recognised science combines some physical yoga, mantra and meditation for a potential body and mind transformation

Kundalini Yoga can improve your mental, physical and emotional health.

Kundalini Yoga does not involve gymnastic type poses – the practice is accessible for all.

Why not try a new experience?
I have learned the power of sound through playing the gong in my classes. To my surprise the resonating effects of the gong have been a revelation.

I am proud to say that through the teachings of Kundalini I have been able to look within and have found the ability to help others.

My experience has added immense value to my world to recognise the bigger picture of humanity and inclusion in each and every one of us.

I sincerely invite you to share any questions you have to help me facilitate a Kundalini Yoga Experience for you personally.

Daily local ‘group’ classes, individual 1.1 and couple classes.
Kundalini Yoga Training

Intensive Training
Gurmukh Khalsa, Vancouver

200 hour Teacher Training
Kundalini Research Institute, Mallorca

Member of Guru Jagats
Women’s Immense Grace Programme
“A healthy Yoga glow”
“Consistent sleep patterns and body weight”
“I literally cannot remember the last time my partner called me neurotic !!!”
During this time I am sharing online community Classes daily at 8 am.
Please get in touch directly for a zoom invite
Wednesday 6.15pm
Donation Class
Book via humankind.co.uk
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Sunday 11.00am
Donation Class
Book via humankind.co.uk
Reserve your spot
Unity Lewes
Coming soon
“Tash’s kundalini yoga class was a mind-blowing and overall very restorative experience. Tash is a gentle and ethereal lady with a soft and kind voice, leading a very strong flow of movements, along with powerful breathing exercises and mantras all practised with the eyes closed, in a warm beautiful environment. The class certainly helps to redirect a busy mind towards the senses, the breath and even the heartbeat, with bundles of energy felt bubbling up in parts of the body during the movements. In the end, you shake your arms and legs releasing the tensed control over the body, for with the eyes closed you have to trust yourself that you won't fall and as a result feel surprisingly happy and confident in being vulnerable and yourself. Finishing laying down in soothing darkness under a blanket with the sound of Tash’s gong, which feels like bathing in a lightning-like sound vibrating the whole body as if pulling out individual worries, doubts, fears and clarifying space for what we might need to feel happy.”
Miska Morning
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